We represent business clients in a wide range of litigated matters, including the following key areas:

Commercial Litigation

We handle general business and commercial litigation of all types, including breach of contract claims, partnership or joint venture disputes, business torts, fiduciary duty claims, and shareholder suits.

Securities Litigation

In addition to helping our clients navigate the complex and high-stakes world of securities regulations, we represent both issuers and investors in litigated securities matters of all sizes and complexity. These include accounting and audit issues, fiduciary duty claims, and director liability and other corporate governance matters.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Our restructuring attorneys represent both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy actions at any stage of the business life cycle.

Labor & Employment Litigation

We represent employers in disputes related to wage-and-hour claims, contract term disputes, retaliation and discrimination claims, labor-related tort claims, and general labor law violations.

Tort Litigation

We represent business clients in most forms of tort litigation, including bodily injury and wrongful death, property damage, and product and premises liability.


Our appellate practice spans nearly all forms of appeal and review for civil matters in most areas.