Corporate Governance

For corporations both large and small, observing corporate formalities and upholding managerial and fiduciary duties is essential to ensure both the successful operation of your business and the protections made available through companies with limited liability. Our service as outside general counsel helps companies operate better and allow us a closer and more effective working relationship with our clients.

Independent Counsel

In this climate of ever-increasing regulation and litigation risks, boards of directors will often seek the advice of independent counsel on particular matters to avoid any presumed conflicts of interest with existing counsel. Our task is to come in, get up to speed quickly and efficiently, and provide counseling and representation as necessary to assist the board in its decision-making and oversight capacity. We know you place a premium on efficiency and the least possible disruption and delay in your operations and we make those goals our priority.


We counsel clients on corporate reorganizations including conversions, new subsidiaries and divisions, holding and other asset management entities, and all manner of corporate restructuring.


We assist corporations in identifying and complying with new regulatory regimes in a wide array of fields at the local, state, and federal levels. If your operations are governed by new or changing regulatory rules, we can assist your compliance with the minimum possible interference to your business.

Buy-Sell Agreements

What happens to your business if you or one of your partners is killed? What happens when a partner withdraws or becomes disabled? A buy-sell agreement answers those questions and provides a roadmap for what happens during difficult times for you, your partners, or your business. If you run a private company with more than one shareholder, your company should have a buy-sell agreement in place. 

Business Succession Planning

Do you intend for your family business to stay in the family? We work with estate planning attorneys and accountants to help put a plan in place to protect your business and ensure its survival in the most efficient and prosperous manner possible.