From the very first planning stages for a successful launch through expansion and onto potential exits, we support startups and new businesses every step of the way. The following services are just some of those we provide to both new and existing clients.

Founder’s Agreements

The first step in putting your new operation down on paper. The Founder’s Agreement helps to set expectations among all team members and plan out the creation and growth of your new venture. From intellectual property assignments to vesting schedules and milestones, creating the Agreement is one of the best ways to get everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction.

Entity Selection

Is a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC) the best way to organize your business? From equity structure to exit strategies, planning and forming a business can be a complicated endeavor. We will help you find the right form for your industry and help you make long-term plans for successful operation of your new venture.

Corporate Formation

We will prepare and file the necessary paperwork to form your chosen business entity. We will work closely with you to draft reliable and comprehensive bylaws, partnership agreements, or operating agreements and all of the official documents necessary to establish and protect your company.

License Agreements

If your venture develops, licenses, or sells intellectual property assets, they are key to your success. Whether you host web solutions or license bio-med technologies, we can help you protect and monetize those assets.

Privacy Policies

The State of California now requires all websites to post a comprehensive privacy policy, describing how your site gathers, maintains, and uses any user information obtained by the site. We can help you craft a privacy policy that meets regulatory requirements, informs users, and reflects the culture of your organization.  

Terms of Use

If your business revolves around a web app, website, or mobile application, Terms of Use are essential for protecting both you and your users. Let us help you craft comprehensive, functional, and readable terms that safeguard your platform and that your customers can understand.


Businesses need money to grow and thrive. Whether you are bootstrapping, seeking debt financing through government or private institutions, or seeking seed or venture capital, we can help ensure value and stability for your operation while helping you maintain the culture and control you have worked hard to build.